Last month’s request for a deserving family introduced me to so many fun families who are amazing and really DESERVE a beautiful family portrait!! Of course I know how hard finances are right now and knew I’d have heart wrenching stories. But I wasn’t prepared for a few of the incredible folks I would “meet” through loving family and friends who nominated them. One family really stuck out to me-

This is the story of an amazing woman who married the man of her dreams. They had two little boys and were as happy as any family could be. He was a good diver and on a fairly routine dive he was tragically killed. This incredible mom was “comforting others” her sister said as the family gathered to support her. Although time helps heal hearts, she has felt uneasy about a family photo as her family is really not complete.  Recently she decided that her boys deserve these memories and that they are to celebrate the life they are living with their dad as their guardian angel. How else can others remember him unless they see him through those little boys eyes as they become like their father.

I’m so touched and excited to photograph this family! Thank you to her loving sister for nominating her! I can’t wait to spend time with both families!