WARNING: It’s gonna be a bloggie overload this week! I have a dozen to post and a full schedule this week! Get ready for some fun pics!

This little guy is so stinkin’ adorable!! And the hat and boots are to-die-for!! Thanks so much for putting up with me little guy!

Edit IMG_4746 copy

Edit IMG_4783 vintage copy

Another new favorite!!! Hot huh?! I love it!

Edit IMG_4702 copy

On a subjective side note: I have a handful of photographers email me for tips or tricks all the time and I LOVE IT! But please know that although I’ve spend hours and hours learning the RULES of photography I LOVE TO BREAK THEM! (sometimes) So if you see things that photo scholars would sneeze at and crops that aren’t compositionally correct…look at the emotion of the photo and tell me it matters!? The best part is that it’s MY photo and I get to decide HeeHee! So learn the rules and then FEEL the photo and break them when necessary 😉 That’s today’s little unsolicited advice LOL