First of all, can I just tell ya that I had a blast with these gorgeous seniors this year!! WOW! They are all so hot and so sweet! It’s been killing me to keep them under wraps until now! So check each of them out and then vote for your favorite at the bottom…really vote! The winner gets a prize 😉

ALEXA-Snow Canyon | not only is Alexa beautiful, she is super involved at SC and doesn’t mind a little trespassing LOL

MATT – Dixie | Matt was my lone male rep and is amazing! Multi talented and just totally laid back! (is that silhouette hot or what?)

BECCA – Dixie | Can you say hotness? Becca is so cute and all worried for nothing-you look gorgeous!!

CHANTELL – Pine View | Chantell is a natural beauty and fun too! She was a referral from another client and PERFECT for these pics.

ALYSSA- Dixie | Need I say anything?? Stunning!! And Ms Fashion with clothes like crazy-I loved it!!

SEE WHAT I MEAN? They are all just amazing! Special thanks to Mr & Mrs Salvage Yard, the folks who abandoned a school bus, the hot ER nurse with a fancy yellow car, and the pizza owner who has a new job 😉 Without you all these pics could not have happened!

NOW, be sure to vote for your favorite!

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