I must be out of my mind…18 hours of almost non-stop photographs this last weekend at What Women Want!! I love, love, loved every minute of it, but I was useless come Sunday! LOL I met some amazing families and gorgeous children.

If you booked an appointment with my helpers, I’ll be contacting you this week to discuss details! KNOW THIS-I’m super excited to get together!! In lieu of these appointments I will be updating my calendar this week too and only have a couple spots left before the end of the year, so holler soon if you want me to sneak you in!!

Here are a couple cuties from the show to tie you over while I sort through the hundreds of others!! Each one has a story and I wish there was enough time in the day to share them all with you guys. Kids are a crack up and I made some amazing friends this weekend 😉

First up is a gorgeous little 2 week old whose grandma came and stood guard while we shot. It was so fun when I was doing newborns (about 4 of them over the weekend) cause the aisle was PACKED watching them sleep and pose. It was too fun!

This little doll made herself right at home and had a little “accident” while posing with her backside to us 😉

Is he handsome or what?? He has a fiery little sister too and he was so sweet to her!

Lastly, another gorgeous newborn. Her mother thought I was completely out of my mind putting her on a little, hard, high, wooden stool. She was a bit pale, but too sweet to strangle me! I adore the picture so I hope it was worth it! 😉

Watch for more to come soon!