Do you ever have those days?? This was one of them!! I have a gorgeous newborn coming over. The mother and I have never met, just talked about this session. I’m super excited and loving another newborn shoot. My sitter bails on me so my 2 year old is constantly coming in and out to either see the “cute baby” or needing to go potty. UGH! Then I overload my circuit with a heater and blow dryer and trip the breaker. I hurry out in slippers in the cold and can’t even get the dang box open because it’s so much higher than these stubby arms can reach. SO now the room has no power. Little missy was so beautiful and so sweet and her mom is just as gorgeous and nice. THEN to top it all off, (you know what’s coming right??!) Yep, poop! Not just once. Normally it doesn’t even phase me, but today it was the icing on the cake. So I apologize profusely, appreciate your patience and hope the images will make up for the crazy day!!

Isn’t she gorgeous!!!