I have a frequent conversation with my hubby about all the gorgeous newborns. It goes something like this:

Hubby: “How’d your shoot go?”

Me: “Good!! He/She was so adorable! And had the cutest name! They always smell so good and are so small. It’s so fun posing them and rocking them to sleep. Man, I wish I could sleep as well as they do!!”

Hubby: “I’m glad it went well.” (pause, concerned look on his face and treading lightly continues) “So… does this mean you’re gonna want one of them for yourself?”

Me: (giggle) “No, honey! I get to play with them and snuggle them and then send them home at night and they can keep their mom awake.”

Hubby: (sigh of relief) “Oh, OK” (not totally convinced but pacified for the time being)

The funny part is, this conversation goes on almost every baby shoot HA!

This one was no exception! She is just gorgeous!! I adore her folks and have known them for years. I’m so excited for their first new little angel!

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