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What can I say about gorgeous little Claire? The blue eyes, the cheeks, the smile-absolutely adorable!! It did take her a minute to warm up and a very short snooze, but then she was good to go!! I can’t wait to see her again soon!!


This is my dear friends’ family that have been patiently waiting and you have seen on here many times before! They are just adorable! The girls are getting so big and growing up so fast! I love being able to capture them a couple times a year. Thanks for being patient with me as I kick myself for over-scheduling my February!! 😉

This was our attempt at getting little miss Lolli to hang out with the legs of the family…there’s no rest for this little ball of energy! HA!

You may remember little baby Shiloh’s newborn pics and if you can believe it, she’s already 6 months old!!! How time flies! She is so smiley and fun and we even caught a few of big sister Gracie coming and going (mostly going Heehee) Their two cousins who are the same age will be coming up on the blog soon too!

Meet Ms Aubrey…she is a gorgeous preemie who was so cooperative and so sweet! She’s the kind you can put in your pocket and take home with you. Her cute older sister came too and so mom was busy keeping her busy so Aubrey and I bonded. Mom is getting her first peek of these poses too as we tried all sorts of fun things together! Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you and your gorgeous little one!

Oh to be 9 months and curious and content to just sit  or do a little crawling to explore! LOL Ms Kaylee was so fun and smiley and happy to play. She has an amazing family who loves her and I am so lucky to get to watch her grow up. Thank you so much for letting me spend the afternoon playing. I still can’t get over those cheekers-so smoochable! (Is that a word???)

Grandma said that when Kaylee encounters new things, she puts out one little finger to test them out. It was so cute to see her figure out this pinwheel.

Little Mr Treygan was about a month old when he came to visit and was so cute!!  He is all boy and so sweet. Check out the adorable hats his mom brought…

Little gorgeous Brooklyn made me work (and look like a dork doing it) for a smile! She is so gorgeous and growing up so fast. It seemed like yesterday she was brand new! Couldn’t you just squeeze those little cheeks??!! Ooo she’s a cutie! And was so good when it got a bit chilly near the end. I can’t wait to see you again soon!!

Ya’ll are getting overloaded with this adorable family, but I just had to post this adorable little missy! Next time, I just might take her home with me!!

This is the last family in the big group shot I posted Monday. This little guy had newborn pictures with me and in no time at all he’s getting so big!!

Talk about energy! These fun kids remind me of my own darlings! So cute and fun to chase!

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