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I just got back from an INCREDIBLE photography workshop!! If you are waiting on your order, they are on their way!!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when this gorgeous mom told me she wanted their family pictures with their blue car and 50’s style!! They are already a beautiful family, and this just put it over the top!!


This is my dear friends’ family that have been patiently waiting and you have seen on here many times before! They are just adorable! The girls are getting so big and growing up so fast! I love being able to capture them a couple times a year. Thanks for being patient with me as I kick myself for over-scheduling my February!! 😉

This was our attempt at getting little miss Lolli to hang out with the legs of the family…there’s no rest for this little ball of energy! HA!

I have been shooting and editing like crazy!! So there’s lots to update on here! This adorable family was all dressed up and ready to go, BUT WAIT!? Where’s the dad? He finished work a bit late and didn’t have a chance to shave so he ran into a little barber shop and is getting a shave. WE CAN’T MISS THAT PHOTO OPP CAN WE?? So here’s a pre-shoot shot…the barber was a great sport but pretty much thinks I’m crazy. 😉

Then off for more fun!! Look at these adorable kiddies! Such a great family, the kids were gems! Too much fun!!

Little gorgeous Brooklyn made me work (and look like a dork doing it) for a smile! She is so gorgeous and growing up so fast. It seemed like yesterday she was brand new! Couldn’t you just squeeze those little cheeks??!! Ooo she’s a cutie! And was so good when it got a bit chilly near the end. I can’t wait to see you again soon!!

This is the last family in the big group shot I posted Monday. This little guy had newborn pictures with me and in no time at all he’s getting so big!!

Talk about energy! These fun kids remind me of my own darlings! So cute and fun to chase!

You’ve seen this family on here before!! I LOVE them and jump at the chance to take their picture anytime!

These cute kids would do whatever I asked and still smile about it!! It was so fun to meet them all!

Another adorable family! They haven’t had family pictures in ages so it was fun getting them together!

This cute family is just 1 of 6 from that large group I posted yesterday. I just can’t get enough of these handsome boys!! Aren’t they adorable! You’ll notice I’m all over the place with these family shots as the fun rustic colors mixed with red are great to play with in vintage, sepia and full color!

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