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I have the most gorgeous sisters eva!! It’s like they took all the cute-ness and kept it to themselves-no fair!! This is my littlest sis, who is so naturally beautiful that on a lazy vacation day I can just turn around and snap one of her and get a shot like this. She’s an amazing mother and very talented (plus she’s HOT!) I love you!

Stay tuned for adorable families, a beautiful senior, bridals and groomers, Jr Miss girls and more! I’m working as fast as my little computer will process!!


This is my smoking hot sister in law! She is expecting and there is seriously a gorgeous glow about her that I love. Isn’t she just beautiful?!!

Love ya girl!

blog lexie 2

blog lexie

You know how some people are just naturally gorgeous & they don’t take a bad picture? Meet Shannon Gardner a local real estate agent with RE/Max First Realty. There was not 1 bad photo in the whole set!!

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Here are the rest from my sister’s shoot…she is just naturally beautiful!

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BTW I just added a new Head Shot Category for my posts so from here on out I”ll put these type in that category 😉

This is my seriously gorgeous sister! I know what you’re thinking…how? different fathers? adopted? TELL ME ABOUT IT!! We are total opposites and she is just amazing on top of all her beauty! She is a wedding planner, business minded gal who can do anything and everything! Here’s a quick little sneak peak for ya babe!

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I love you and don’t know what I’d do without you! Not only are you an amazing sister, you are my life coach, sounding board, voice of reason and sometimes voice of total insanity. You are just the best and I’m so proud of you!!

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