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Baby Jocilyn was about a month old when she came to visit in her adorable pink Raiders outfit! (LOVE IT!!) She was so adorable and so good! She has handsome older brothers who will no doubt protect her 😉 It was so fun getting to meet her.


Perfect, precious and another one I almost didn’t let go home. Can you imagine if I actually KEPT them all??!! What fun!!

Little Gwen visited me at about 6 days and she was an angel! So cooperative, so sweet (didn’t pee on me at all!!)-I think you’re in for a good one mom! She has amazing brothers and sisters who will do doubt watch over her every move. Hope you enjoy your peek!

Look at those lips!! Sooooo cute!

Meet Ms Aubrey…she is a gorgeous preemie who was so cooperative and so sweet! She’s the kind you can put in your pocket and take home with you. Her cute older sister came too and so mom was busy keeping her busy so Aubrey and I bonded. Mom is getting her first peek of these poses too as we tried all sorts of fun things together! Thank you so much for letting me spend time with you and your gorgeous little one!

Little Mr Treygan was about a month old when he came to visit and was so cute!!  He is all boy and so sweet. Check out the adorable hats his mom brought…

This is gorgeous baby Lucy! She is an absolute doll-perfect little face, long dainty fingers, beautiful like her mom! Her brothers will no doubt have to protect her. Thank you so much for letting me spend some time with her.

This sweet baby is Mr Briggs. I have been lucky enough to hang out with him twice-our first meeting put our relationship on the rocks a bit. BUT the second go around went much better 😉 He is so adorable and was an angel! These are a couple roughed up favs.

I’m warning ya’ll again…BABY FEVER is going around and I’m LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!! YEAH!!

This little angel was only 5 days old when she came to visit. Not only is she just adorable and so good, she’s my first little niece!! The newborn thing is addicting! There just is nothing better than snuggling with these new little ones. Enjoy!

There is absolutely nothing more amazing than the birth of a sweet little baby. I really can’t explain the moment a little spirit enters the world. It’s surreal. Almost like just for a split second. time. stops.

I know everyone in the room held their breath waiting for her to take her first.  I don’t even know that the mother can fully appreciate this moment as her miracle has left her exhausted and overjoyed all at once.  She recognizes her immediately because she’s pictures her in her heart for 9 months. Dad gets to meet her for the first time and an unbreakable bond is formed in that instant. All the worries you feel throughout the pregnancy wash away as you count finger and toes, listen to her small cry and any discomfort, pain, sickness and fear you have silently carried with you disappear.

M.I.R.A.C.L.E 5 lbs 13 oz 19 inches long with adorable dark hair. Watch for baby Prezlie’s newborn pics later this week 😉

This little doll’s name is Aevri and she is the sweetest little thing ever!! She was so good and so fun! It was funny that the 2 times she wet were on her daddy. But she already has him wrapped around her finger so he took it like a champ 😉

I have a frequent conversation with my hubby about all the gorgeous newborns. It goes something like this:

Hubby: “How’d your shoot go?”

Me: “Good!! He/She was so adorable! And had the cutest name! They always smell so good and are so small. It’s so fun posing them and rocking them to sleep. Man, I wish I could sleep as well as they do!!”

Hubby: “I’m glad it went well.” (pause, concerned look on his face and treading lightly continues) “So… does this mean you’re gonna want one of them for yourself?”

Me: (giggle) “No, honey! I get to play with them and snuggle them and then send them home at night and they can keep their mom awake.”

Hubby: (sigh of relief) “Oh, OK” (not totally convinced but pacified for the time being)

The funny part is, this conversation goes on almost every baby shoot HA!

This one was no exception! She is just gorgeous!! I adore her folks and have known them for years. I’m so excited for their first new little angel!

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