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I’m so excited to direct ya’ll to my new blog!!! I have an updated, light and fun new logo, blog and overall look. I’m transitioning over so you should see lots of the new look soon!

Be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed for the new blog and change your bookmarks. You don’t want to miss any contests, casting calls or just fun pics (Ms St George Contestants are coming up next)! The pictures will be bigger andĀ  you’ll see more from every session. What can I say?? You ask, I listen! Heehee

I really appreciate you (and my mom) for checking my little piece of the world almost daily! It’s incredible every day to see those hits in the triple digits!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


If only I looked this great at 34weeks…what a beautiful mommy she is and now all she has to do is WAIT! Wishing you the best! Can’t wait to meet her!!

Can’t you just picture this on a canvas? They are adorable!! Love you guys!

I’m SOOOO excited for 2010!! 2009 was an incredible year for me and I’m looking forward to growing even more this year! I worked with amazing families last year and I’m so grateful to have them as friends and clients. I couldn’t ask for better families!! I really do have the best job as I get to see families starting, families growing and families enjoying each other! I have lots of fun things that will be happening this coming year and I’ll be offering some great products as well.

First off, I’m thrilled to implement a Baby Steps Plan.

BONUS: if you had a newborn session with me in the last 6 months, I will work out a discount for you to jump on this plan!! It’s the perfect way to be sure you have great pictures as your little one grows so fast!! Email me with any questions!

Watch for more updates and news!!

Today we’re taking a little detour from our regularly scheduled pictures…I follow LOTS of photography, design and inspiration blogs. My RSS feeder is constantly working to keep up. It’s so fun to see others creativity and learn from others. One that I follow and admire recently posted about photos being “timeless” and that trends should be left out of pictures.

For some reason it stuck with me and I’ve been pondering this all week. I’m come to the conclusion that I COMPLETE DISAGREE! Photography is about this exact moment in time; this particular day; today’s emotion. If we take all theĀ  items out of a photo that date it- no railroad tracks, no DI couch in an alley, no baby in a lonely field-what are we left with? More things that date it!! We’d need to take out any fashionable clothes that are popular, hair do’s we have right now, no silly faces. Where do we stop taking out items that date the photo? We’d all end up with black and white plain clothing, 1800’s hair cuts, no smiles (cause missing teeth or crooked teeth before braces will DATE the photo), and THEN we’d cry because we lost ourselves trying to be “timeless”. Even my “timeless” wedding photos are dated!!!! Colors I’d never choose again! A hairstyle I should have been shot for! A dress that would rival Cinderella! Even posed photos that are all but dinosaurs in the posing world.

I say: put on legwarmers and a huge flower, frolic in a field with an antique couch and walk hand-in-hand into the sunset because that’s who you are RIGHT NOW! Now will be gone and another photo will be taken with new trends and new memories. We are so blessed to have this time and its trends, so take advantage of them! And most of all, have fun! Capture the moment and LIVE!

End of soap box. I”d love to hear your thoughts on this matter. Doesn’t matter which side of the super-cute-broken-down-fence you are on…

Can’t leave without a picture

I have the most gorgeous sisters eva!! It’s like they took all the cute-ness and kept it to themselves-no fair!! This is my littlest sis, who is so naturally beautiful that on a lazy vacation day I can just turn around and snap one of her and get a shot like this. She’s an amazing mother and very talented (plus she’s HOT!) I love you!

Stay tuned for adorable families, a beautiful senior, bridals and groomers, Jr Miss girls and more! I’m working as fast as my little computer will process!!

I had the privilege of being invited by the Forevermore Events staff to photograph the decor at the Dixie 94 Reunion. If you live under a rock and didn’t hear about this ultimate reunion celebration, here’s a little peak! What reunion is complete without balloon animals, chandeliers, DJ Lex, Margarita bar, 3 story slide, and breathtaking house??

Marvellous Catering handled the dinner and Orchids & Co the beautiful florals. Looked to be a great event!

I don’t know where to start to tell you how awesome this girlie is…she was totally up for anything (even my crazy location ideas) and then she shows up looking AMAZING and she was super fun! I think we giggled most of the time-it’s a miracle we got any straight face shots. See for yourself how hot she is:

There are so many incredible pics it’s hard to choose!!

Yep, she’s in a shopping cart! I told you she was up for anything! Alright, one more…

Thanks again cutie!! You’re the best!

This is my smoking hot sister in law! She is expecting and there is seriously a gorgeous glow about her that I love. Isn’t she just beautiful?!!

Love ya girl!

blog lexie 2

blog lexie

You know how some people are just naturally gorgeous & they don’t take a bad picture? Meet Shannon Gardner a local real estate agent with RE/Max First Realty. There was not 1 bad photo in the whole set!!

Edit IMG_5659 copy

Edit IMG_5627 B&W copy

These 11 girls are hilarious!! And are all great friends. I wish I had friend pics to look back on. Oh wait-I did have some done one year when Nanette’s bangs got higher and higher and higher LOL Anyhoo… these cuties made my night. Here’s a sneak peek for you!

BLOG Edit IMG_5481

BLOG Edit IMG_5431 sepia

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